ELTS with Git

Configuring your install

1) Add a Git SSH key

Your Git SSH keys can be managed using the link in the menu above once you are logged in.

If you are not familiar with SSH keys, you can find out more about how to generate them here.

You may add Git SSH keys to your ELTS account via the "deployment keys" link in the menu. SSH key pairs are bound to a certain ELTS version, and can only be used once. Meaning that for each ELTS version you are subscribed to, you need an additional SSH key pair. You may add multiple Git deployment keys to the same ELTS version if you so desire. We suggest generating a new SSH key pair for every ELTS version.

Note: We use GitHub as our Git service provider. GitHub does not allow the same key pair to be used twice accross the entire website. They do this for various security reasons. You can read more about this here. Please make sure that the keys you use have not been used on GitHub before.

As an example:
Let's assume you have a subscription to 6.2-ELTS and 7.6-ELTS. We generate two SSH key pairs, A and B.
Here is what will work:
  • Using key pair A for 6.2 and key pair B for 7.6
  • Using both key pair A and B for 6.2

Here is what will not work:

  • Using key pair A for 6.2 while also using key pair A for 7.6
  • Using key pair A for 6.2 while also using key pair A as your personal key pair on GitHub

2) Clone the ELTS repository using Git

If you added your default SSH key you can invoke the command git clone git@github.com:TYPO3GmbH/elts-6.2-release.git (replace the repository with the repository of your ELTS version)

If you would like to clone while specifying your key you have to do the following:

cd project-dir
git config --local core.sshCommand "ssh -i /full/path/to/your/private/key"
git clone git@github.com:TYPO3GmbH/elts-6.2-release.git .

Make sure to replace the repository with the repository of your ELTS version.