ELTS with Composer

Configuring your install

1) Create Composer access tokens for your server

Your Composer access tokens can be created using the link in the menu above once you are logged in.

2) Add our repository to your composer.json file

Invoke the command composer config repositories.elts composer https://elts.typo3.com or modify composer.json on your own.

"repositories": [
    {"type": "composer", "url": "https://elts.typo3.com"}

3) Set up authentication

Call composer config --auth http-basic.elts.typo3.com [YOUR-USER-NAME] [AUTH-TOKEN] to add the credentials to the auth.json file.
If it is not yet present, composer will create it for you.

The username is the same username you use to log into jira.typo3.com.

4) Update your local package mirrors

Your composer.lock file might contain the download URLs for packages.
You need to run composer update mirrors at least once to regenerate your composer.lock file before composer install will download files from our ELTS repository.

5) TYPO3 Release Integrity

Checking file and tag signatures

Checking the file and tag signatures works like for the core, but you have to import the public keys from elts.typo3.com:

wget -qO- https://elts.typo3.com/keys | gpg --import

Please follow the instructions on docs.typo3.org:
Checking file signatures and Checking tag signatures