Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

You can find detailed information about the available ELTS versions, pricing, runtime, supported PHP versions, and general advantages of ELTS here:

ELTS accounts are activated after we receive payment. The technical contact will be informed about activation by email within two business days.

The link in the JIRA email has a lifetime of 24 hours after sending, after this time all links are invalidated.

If for any reason you should not have been able to use the link during these 24 hours, there is no need to worry. Your ELTS account has been unlocked but you will need to activate it by using the password reset option of JIRA.
Forgot my Password

Usernames are no longer “firstname.lastname” but instead the email address. That change was necessary in order to give customers with team email addresses less restrictive access to the ELTS repository and extend quality of life.

Should you encounter login problems even though you have an active ELTS subscription, please try to reset your password first. If the problems persist, please get in touch with us.

  1. Head over to
  2. JIRA offers two options for resetting passwords, please select the option to reset by username.
  3. Fill in your username (your username is your email address) and reset the password.
  4. You will receive an email from JIRA (this may take a few minutes) containing a link that will prompt you to set a new password.

You should now be able to log in again.If your problem persists please get in touch with us.


To make the use of ELTS with Git easier for you, we have composed a helpful step-by-step guide.
ELTS with Git

To make the use of ELTS with Composer easier for you, we have composed a helpful step-by-step guide.
ELTS with Composer

The most common reason Composer cannot access the sources is an expired access token.
Please check the access tokens used by the system trying to access ELTS and check if they are added to your account.

Manage Access Tokens

If you are new to using Composer with ELTS, please check out our manual:
ELTS with Composer


Some files in the TYPO3 ELTS packages are designed to be "executable". Due to an issue with Satis (the service providing ELTS packages to Composer) this "executable" flag has been removed. After updating Satis this issue has been solved in all Composer packages leading to to different checksums.

You are affected by this issue when installing packages via Composer suddenly fails showing the error Failed to download typo3/*** from dist: The checksum verification of the file failed.

To solve this issue you have to clear Composer caches and rebuild Composer's lock file. To do so, please execute the following commands:

                                composer clear-cache
composer update --lock


To improve our services we now integrated the information contained in the Wiki directly into the ELTS platform. All information about releases and corresponding release notes are now available to you as a subscriber here: Releases

Even if you are not currently subscribed to ELTS you can still find the information about fixes and release notes at

See example here:

We changed our ELTS infrastructure from Bitbucket to GitHub in early February of 2020. This gives us the opportunity to provide better service to you, our customer. In addition to extending our Composer support with access tokens, deployment keys for Git are now available to provide better management of secured access to the sources.

We also prepared manuals that will guide you through the process of setting up both Composer and Git:

Contact Us

In case you were not able to find a suitable answer to a question in this FAQ,
please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.